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Transatlantic dialogue in popular culture

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Those who emigrated, or who were transported, from the British Isles to North America during the historical period of European migration to the New World brought with them their linguistic and cultural “luggage” which spread throughout North America.

            Their traditional cultures (vernacular language, folk tales, music, song, dance, games etc.) slowly evolved through processes of diachronic development and intermixing, with reciprocal influences, borrowing, fusion and hybridization. In North America British and Irish cultures mixed with the cultures of the indigenous peoples of North America, with other European cultures, with African cultures. In areas with high concentrations of British and Irish immigrants their cultures of origin sometimes persisted, in more or less recognizable form, even until the present day in some areas.

Through the processes of modernity these “traditional cultures” have been partially incorporated into so-called "popular culture”, in which traces of traditional British cultures are sometimes still to be found. Migration from the British Isles to North America has continued in the 20th and 21st centuries, although in smaller numbers, with increasing reverse cultural movement from North America back to the British Isles, with some migrants, or descendants of migrants, returning to the British Isles temporarily or permanently.


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Through military and economic alliance and exchange, the "special relationship" between the United States and the United Kingdom, the development of modern transport and communication systems, the reciprocal influences between the two areas have intensified with increased crossing and recrossing of the Atlantic. Since the 19th century, American popular culture has exerted an increasing influence in the British Isles, (as elsewhere in the world), an influence which has been reinforced by the advent of the audio-visual media and, more recently, by information and communication technology. While American influences are largely dominant in this special relationship, British and Irish traditional and popular cultures still continue to influence North America.

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