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International social law

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    Institut d'Administration des Entreprises (IAE)

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The course introduces the core principles of the rules of freedom of movement of workers in the context of a single European market where the labour force is internationally mobile. The course combines theoretical concepts and several applied case studies based on real cases. The objective is for the students to be able to understand the rationale of the rules applicable, the main challenges and how to address in practice the recurrent questions that cross-border mobility raise. 

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Heures d'enseignement

  • International social law - CMCM16h

Programme détaillé

General introduction

1- Free movement of workers within the EU

2- Free movement within the EU and social security

3- Introduction to EU labour standards

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Compétences visées

At the end of the course, which is accessible to any students with a master’s study level irrespective of their background (management, economics, law…) students are able to understand the conditions under which workers (or jobseekers) can stay in another EU country, can work there and under which protective rules they can carry out their activity abroad and be accompanied by their family members. Students can also identify which basic principles employers must respect in order to comply with rules on free movement of workers. In general this course gives students a better understanding of the mechanisms of the EU internal market.

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C. Barnard, EU Employment Law, 4th Edition, Oxford University Press

E. Spaventa, The Free Movement of Workers in the Twenty-first Century, the Oford handbook of EU law

The students principally work on case studies and documents dissiminated during the classes.

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