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International project management

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    Institut d'Administration des Entreprises (IAE)

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Project Management in international contexts involves multiple kinds of stakes that cannot be dealt with separately: marketing, HR, strategy, law, tax, financial matters are knit together more closely than ever.

This course aims at providing students with project management frameworks and tools that are specific to international business using a transdisciplinary view.

Methodological lectures are given, at the beginning of the course, to help students manage the different aspects of their project if necessary.Students work on real case studies of French local SMEs over the whole semester.

The given missions are run as projects (objectives, teamwork, periodic meetings).

Course prerequisites: The other courses of this Master’s programme are useful to students to work successfully on the given missions with a pluridisciplinary approach.

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Heures d'enseignement

  • International project management - A-MODTDModule de projet partenariat - TD27h
  • International project management - CMCM16,5h

Programme détaillé

Conferences of SMEs: The partner companies present the company, its strategy and the different projects (i.e. the pluridisciplinary case study) the students will be working on. Methodological steps of a project progress will be presented in order to know how to implement project management tools and to combine communication and management of the various development steps. Follow-up sessions : Monitoring of the advancement of the work of the students will be held by Olivier Coussi, Isabelle Maque and Chantal Milhade all along the projects. Students will work on the different projects from September till the end of January. Students will defend their answers to the projects for the companies at the end of the semester (or end of January). Grading system: Continuous assessment: Team assignment & Individual assignment

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Compétences visées

- To know the basics of International Project Management from a theoritical point of view

- To understand the missions given by the SME

- To understand the environment and activity of the SMEs

- To be able to communicate with professors and SMEs all over the project in a relevant way

- To be able to collect, find and process useful information for the project

- To be able to answer to the mission at the end of the semester

- To be able to work in team relevantly

- To be able to defense relevantly the work done in a short presentation, in team and in front of a jury.

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