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International financial analysis

  • Niveau d'étude

    Bac +5

  • Composante

    Sciences économiques

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This course will help students feel at ease when having to analyse financial data on a specific firm/group.

To do so, we will insist on the importance of mixing qualitative and quantitative data.

Focus will be on the analysis of Consolidated Financial Statements of Multinationals.Hand-outs and case studies are given to the students.Course prerequisites: Notions in accountancy.

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Heures d'enseignement

  • International financial analysis - CMCM18h

Programme détaillé

Session 1, 2, 3 (9h):1.Financial Analysis and Financial Statements (Analysis) : Uses of Financial Analysis …and Financial Statements Analysis, Key financial statements, Other relevant information source, Framework for conducting a Financial (Statements) Analysis;2.

Financial Reporting Standards: From a wide range of standards to convergence of global FRS, The IFRS Framework, Disclosures of critical and significant accounting policies;3.

Consolidated accounts: Understanding the Financial Statements, Principles and methods of consolidation, Influential elements of consolidated Financial Statements;4.Financial analysis techniques: Activity, liquidity, solvency and profitability ratios, cash-flow statement analysis.A case-study will be used all along the course.


Session 4, 5 (6h):Case-studies and/or passed exams will be studied.


Session 6 (3h):Individual Assessment +Team Assessment. The assessment (Individual and in group) will mix course-related questions, and/or analysis of the financial situation of a group. Grading system: Continuous assessment, Team assignment & Individual assignment

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Compétences visées

- To know the different parts of a financial diagnosis.

- To know the different parts of a financial diagnosis based on consolidated accounts.

- To understand the process of a financial diagnosis.

- To find segmental information

- To analyse consolidated accounts of groups.

- To feel at ease with financial documents of groups

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International Financial Statement Analysis, Robinson T. R., Henry E., Pirie W.L., Broihahn M.A., CFA Institute, Wiley (kindle version /e-book), 3rd edition 2015 Corporate Finance,

Theory and practice (Finance d’entreprise),Vernimmen P., Quiry P., Dallocchio M., Salvi A., 4th edition, 2014 Vernimmen.net

Financial Journals : online databases at the IAE, Wall Street Journal, Les Echos, La Tribune etc…

Companies websites : annual reports etc…

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