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SMEs and international aspects

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    Institut d'Administration des Entreprises (IAE)

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This course will focus on SMEs (SMEs represent a huge amount of companies, an heterogeneous population of growing economic importance and interest, both at national, European and world levels) and their specificities (the developed specificities will be illustrated by examples of SMEs coming from our research) at international level and with in different European countries.Hand-outs, newspapers and research articles are given to the students.

This course will welcome several professors, notably invited professors from Foreign and partner Universities.Course prerequisites: Basic notions in Management

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Heures d'enseignement

  • SMEs and international aspects - CMCM18h

Programme détaillé

2 sessions of 3h, Isabelle Maque: Introduction to SMEs and International Aspects.We will focus on the European Markets SMEs: Definition, importance, role and specificities. SMEs and their banking relationships. We will focus on the SMEs point of view: What is a relationship? What are the different modes of managing banking relationships? What is the role of multiple banking? We will also study countries specificities of banking relationships management.


2 sessions of 3h, Andres Davila: Obstacles & Opportunities of SMEs’ international development: The main objective is to present some of the difficulties encountered by small European SMEs while working internationally (developing business units abroad, managing at a distance).Examples of real multinational SMEs operating between Europe and Asia will be given and students will work on case-studies.


2 sessions of 3h: Sessions will be different every year depending on opportunities to welcome from Foreign and partner Universities. Professors who have already been welcomed, in previous years, came from Unisinos (Brazil) and Ca Foscari (Italy).

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Compétences visées

To understand the specificities of SMEs and their management from a pluridisciplinary approach.

To be able to use learnt knowledge in order to better manage SMEs.

To be able to use learnt knowledge in order to better answer to the given missions of SMEs in the International Project Management course.

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