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Différences culturelles et négociation internationale

  • Composante

    Institut d'Administration des Entreprises (IAE)

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  • Période de l'année

    Semestre 3


The introductory course on cultural differences is meant to familiarize students with the cultural models which effect international/intercultural exchanges. Special emphasis is placed on the cultural models according to the preeminent authors and several case studies are used to illustrate the models. Then the student will discover and assimilate the specific stakes of business international negotiation as international negotiation reveals major differences.

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Heures d'enseignement

  • Différences culturelles et négociation internationale - TDTD5h
  • Différences culturelles et négociation internationale - CMCM10h

Programme détaillé

INTERCULTURAL MANAGEMENT BUSINESS NEGOTIATION: Using clear cases the students will learn the basic theories of intercultural models according to Edward T. Hall, Geert Hofestede, Fons Trompenaars and Richard Lewis, et al. Themes covered are time, the organization of space, interpersonal relations and management norms, among others.

PART 1 - General introduction about international negotiation
Appraisal of the students’ background regarding negotiation
What negotiation is and what it is not (or should not be). The assertiveness x compromise matrix
Reputation of the French negotiators over the world

PART 2 – Preparation of an international negotiation process
I - Practical aspects preparation
II - Analysis of the counterpart’s mindset
III - Analysis of the power structure
IV - Review of stakes
V – The negotiation matrix

PART 3 – How to monitor an international negotiation process
I – Main negotiation tactics and behaviours
II – From an arms-length negotiation to a business partnership
III – Business cases analysis

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Compétences visées

The students should be able to identify the cultural differences that could cause problems and choose the proper procedures for managing intercultural teams or negotiating across borders. They should be able to use this information to succeed in the subsequent module on International Negotiation by identifying the zones in which cultural norms would allow consensus and those in which conflict could arise. They should be able to propose successful strategies to attenuate cultural differences. So in other words: Increase the students’ skills in business negotiation
Discover and assimilate the specific stakes of business international negotiation
Get insight into the main negotiation concepts
Analyze a situation : stakes, power distribution
Elaborate a negotiation process : goals, concessions, negotiation matrix
Tactics and behaviour
Ability to adapt the attitudes and behaviours to the counterpart’s culture
Analyze business negotiation cases
Negotiation-related English vocabulary

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Cross Cultural Dialogs: 74 Brief Encounters with Cultural Difference, Craig Storti, Intercultural Press, Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 1994;

Cultures and Organisations, Geert HOFSTEDE, McGraw Hill, 1991; La dimension cachée, E.T. HALL, Points Essais, 1971;

Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell, Penguin Group, 2008 and also:Business Negotiations, MOAL-URVOAS G., De Boeck, 2014

The Intelligent International Negotiator, KARSAKLIAN E., Business Expert Press, 2014

The Negotiation Book, GATES S., Wiley, 2016

Documentary : French Bashing, PERETIE J-B, 2015.

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