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F*cking English: dialect slag and profanity

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    Lettres et langues


This seminar is a look at how English has been abused and reinvented in the works of Linton Kwesi Johnson and Irvine Welsh.

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It is an opportunity to discuss how social diversity in post-war Britain has impacted on language and how this translates into literature. Voices (urban dialect/Jamaican patois) once judged incorrect and inappropriate by the standards of “standard” taste are now championed as serious literature.
Looking at profanity, dialect and slang in the two texts we will consider a number of topics, including:

*bad language: what the fuck is that? *the art of being offensive
*spoken idiom/ broken idiom *language and morals

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Heures d'enseignement

  • Fucking English -CMCM12h
  • Fucking English -TDTD6h