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Environmental impact

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    Sciences Fondamentales et Appliquées


The course will be delivered in English.
The course allows students to master the environmental remediation processes. The main threats for water, air and soil pollution will be presented and the main technologies used or under development to solve these environmental problems will be studied, in particular the catalytic ones .

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- Know the indigenous or allochthonous chemical entities present in natural environments

- Understand health and environmental threats

- Basic knowledge about pollution treatment techniques (catalytic, chemical, biological processes, etc.)

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Heures d'enseignement

  • Scientific communicationCM8h

Programme détaillé

Program overview:

  • Main sources of pollution
  • Nature of pollutants
  • Environmental and health impacts
  • Air, water, soil remediation
  • Physical / chemical / biological remediation techniques
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Informations complémentaires

Assessment methods
- Written examination

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Compétences visées

Targeted skills

- Be able to assess the environmental impact of a process

- Provide an appropriate remediation technique taking into account the  medium involved, the source and the pollution to be treated

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