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Bac +4

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Semestre 1


Objectives: The accent is placed on understanding authentic documents (oral and written) and improving oral expression ( aim C1 European level - Efficiency in a business setting). Business correspondence will also be dealt with.

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1.Feedback from work placement. Working abroad - cultural differences at work. Taking a gap year.


2. Gender marketing ; Strategies to attract women; Presenting a women’s product.


3. Advertising media and methods; Starting and structuring formal presentations; viral marketing, keeping control of a brand in social media


4. Presenting an advertising campaign: Creating a Buzz


5. Financial terms, managing investments; Emerging economies; Financial news.


6. Going Green: Eco friendly companies; Meeting to tackle a controversy caused by a new energy company.


7. New technology. The use of social networks in business.


8. Difficult situations in the workplace. Best and worst business decisions. Meeting to solve a human resources problem. Writing the minutes of meetings.


9. The language of meetings and teleconferencing. Simulating a teleconference meeting.


10. Doing business across cultures; Comparing different business cultures. Holding a meeting to solve the problems of an international merger.


11. The language of finance. Negotiating a contract. Talking about global economy.


12. Planning an event:Commonwealth games: marketing and financial aspects. Planning student games simulation.


13. Presenting a sponsorship pitch for an event: management, financial and marketing perspectives. (Oral presentation in groups of 3 and written report on project).


14. Dealing with a public relation problem and communicating to the press.


15. Business ethics. Environmental research. Organizing a cause marketing event.

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