Séminaire GB/Commonwealth S5


L3 séminaire: "The Fonds Dubois and the 18th century: initiation à la recherche"

This course aims at focusing on some key figures of British and transatlantic thinkers such as Jonathan Swift, Charles Davenant, Joseph Massie or Edmund Burke. They have shaped economic as well as social ideologies throughout the 18th century and have profoundly influenced British society. All those authors are present in the Fonds Dubois, held at the Bibliothèque universitaire (Fonds Ancien) so you will be required to spend time there, working on how political economists viewed topics such as slavery and unfree labor more broadly, the management of the poor and the vagrants, trade, or the independence of the 13 North American colonies. Working on the original documents will give you a sense of archival research and will help you grasp the aims of methodologies such as writing a commentary or a dissertation.


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