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Phonétique-variation S6 CM

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    Lettres et langues


Responsable du cours : Marc FRYD

This course will offer a survey of phonological and grammatical variation in Present-Day English. It will start with a comparative study of several varieties of English spoken in the British Isles: Received Pronunciation, Estuary English and Multicultural London English –also known as Jafraican–, Liverpool English –also known as Scouse–, Glasgow English, and will then move on to address other Englishes worldwide, in the form of exposés presented by small groups of students (under teacher supervision).

In conjunction with the above, the course will also offer an overview of grammatical variation in World Englishes, similarly presented by students before the class.


NB: Proficiency in the use of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is a prerequisite for this course.


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Objectifs pédagogiques :

Identifying systemic features within phonological and grammatical variation.


Bibliographie :

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  • Phonétique-variation S6 CM - CMCM4h